Stu Lennox’s Consultancy Continues With Carp Particles

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Stu Lennox’s Consultancy Continues With Carp Particles

I have been an avid user of CarpParticles UK since its inception in 2014 and have been using rainwater soaked and prepared particles in my own fishing for over a decade. The unrivalled natural preparation process ensures that there are absolutely no unwanted taints to my bait. Given the unknown amount of chemicals and by-products that go into our tapwater such as fluoride, aluminium sulphate and even Trihalomethanes (THMs) in some parts of the UK I was personally not happy to then have these transferred into my bait during the preparation process. Whilst they are likely to unaffect your fishing for 99% of the time that 1% they do could be the opportunity to snare a fish of a lifetime.  With the open access nature of carp fishing now there are very few 1%s left and therefore CarpParticles UK gives me a rare edge and more importantly confidence that my bait is 100% attractive to the carp.

As my personal fishing has evolved so has my favourite products. I used my ‘go-anywhere’ mix of Nutty M&Ms and Fresh Hemp up and down the country on the day ticket circuit to great success. Baiting in large quantities I had many multiple fish hits from waters such as the Linear Fisheries Complex, Holme Fen, Sandhurst and the Quarry in Essex. When I moved on to the Horton complex I changed over to small traps of Fresh Hemp and Tiger Nuts and managed to land a number of stunning fish.

Since the change of management at CarpParticles UK I have been to the production facility to confirm that the process remains unchanged and that I am happy to continue to use the products in my fishing. Not only have they stuck to the principles of CarpParticles but have also improved the efficiency of the process and I am looking forward to to continuing my consultancy with them.

I always enjoy talking about these products and how they could be used in your fishing so please feel free to contact me direct on social media at

Name: Stu Lennox

Age: 34

PB Mirror: 58lb

PB Common: 35lb

Other Sponsors: ESP, Stickybaits

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