Shelf-Life Hemp n Snail Mix

Shelf-Life Hemp n Snail Mix


  • HEMP N SNAIL MIX – Hemp, Chopped Meaty Snail, Crushed Snail Shell
  • Hand Prepared in the UK
  • Highly successful catch rate all year round
  • There are matching hookbaits available in our super naturals range
  • Upto 6 months Shelf Life (unopened)
  • Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight

Unlike our competitors we do not use any Chemical Food Preservatives & use our unique 100% natural water based special solution. This is 100% safe for the Carp and ensures the smell & taste of these particles is 100% natural to the Carp giving you that edge as the Carp are far more switched on to these natural flavours. The natural additives in the solution adds yet a further attractor for the Carp.


Please Note: Each bucket contains 2.5kg of Hemp, a pouch of Dried Chopped Meaty Snail, Crushed Snail Shell & our Natural preservative solution. Total bucket weight 4.5 – 5kg.

The Dried Chopped Snail & Crushed Snail Shell will be in separate pouches in the top of the bucket. We recommend adding these ingredients to your bucket around an hour before use. This will re-hydrate the Snail Meat and will triple its weight.


Alot of Shelf-life particles are sold in Jars. Our buckets contain the equivalent content of particle to fill a 4L jar on average making our products extremely good value with the bonus of a reusable bucket!!!

Please Note: 10kg options are 4x buckets as above – Total Weight is 18-20kg

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The bait that is ripping waters apart with instant results across the UK, using natural hemp seed with chopped meaty snail & crushed snail shell. This natural food source has a high protein content along with a rich calcium content. Combined with pure hemp seed this is something that carp naturally search for and once they find it they will hunt around for every last bit resulting in a confident feeding frenzy, an unbelievable all year round bait.

This particle is a great used all year round and is sure to result in fish feeding frenzy!

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