Pink Himalayan Rock Salt

Pink Himalayan Rock Salt


  • Excellent for pre baiting – especially in early spring.
  • Great at adding attraction to spod & pva bag mixes
  • Promotes many health benefits for Carp
  • Excellent natural mineral source for Carp
  • 100% natural & in its purest form


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Carp Particles UK  Pink Himalayan Rock Salt is a truly amazing product to pre bait with and to start to add to your particles &/or boilie crumb spod mix’s or pva bag mixes. This will ween the Carp onto your bait & has devastating results. Packed full of essential minerals that not only is a big attractor for Carp, but is also really good for the Carp including many health benefits from controlling parasite levels to helping the Carp produce more mucus which covers their body, meaning any physical damage is far less likely to become infected & will actually heal quicker. A win win when adding such a great edge to your angling whilst promoting good health for the Carp which is what Carp Particles UK is all about and is our company ethos.

Another reason why Pink Himalayan Rock salt is such as good addition to your bait is that the minerals within it are not something Carp search out because they want it, but because they need it making it irresistible. Carp are a saline creature, so when the Carp are coming out of their winter slumber if you like, their saline levels have dropped and they are actively seeking out salts for the mineral content to rebuild their saline levels before getting ready to spawn. It is like a bear coming out of hibernation, the bear will be ravenous and try to eat as much as possible to rebuild the fat reserves lost through the winter & it is the same for Carp but with salt.

Pink Himalayan Salt is the purest and cleanest salt on the planet and this is why Carp adore it. It is found deep in caves from the Punjab region of Pakistan & is mined by hand without the use of explosives or machinery ensure the salt is collected in its purest form. Its colouration fluctuates from crystal clear through pinks, red’s as dark as beetroot. This is down to the trace elements found within the salt and is mainly effected by its Iron content.

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