Shelf Life Particles

The Shelf-Life Particle range is Carp Particles UK’s range of naturally preserved particle mixes. These mixes come ready to use and take little or no preparation depending on how you like to use your particle. The products were initially designed with the assistance of Carp Fisherman Nigel Sharp, however have been developed over time. The range of shelf-life particle is 100% natural, chemical free and cooked in filtered water. It is very different from anything that is available on the current market; containing 26-27% protein.

All shelf-life buckets come with our specialised ‘Pelletizer’ which is a high protein pellet you add to the mix. Containing 25% crude protein, this product can be used individually or as the perfect added component to the shelf-life range products. Simply add the Pelletizer to the mix and in doing so it will help activate the particles bringing out the natural sugars and salts contained in the product, resulting in a highly nutritious protein feed.

The mixes are all PVA mesh friendly and have a shelf life of six months plus (prior to adding the Pelletizer). The natural preservatives slow down the fermentation process, meaning that the product has a great shelf life but unlike comparison brands using chemical enhancements the mix naturally breaks down once in the water.

This is a great advantage for fishery owners as you will not have masses of bait laying on the lake bed which could cause issues with algae blooms and/or oxygen crashes.