Carp Particles UK Pelletizer is a high protein pellet designed to be used either by itself or as a perfect additive to our particle range. Containing 33% protein and made with 100% natural British ingredients, this offers a nutritious feed for the fish.

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    Floater Pack

    • 11mm & 6mm floater pellet to give a variety of size
    • supplied with a pack of hookable pellet in a choice of flavours
    • Optional 200ml bottle of slicker oil to enhance attraction
    • Supplied in a CPUK 5L Bucket
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    Boosted Pelletizer

    • PELLETIZER – A highly digestible feed Carp love
    • 100% Natural British Ingredients
    • No Chemicals or Preservatives added
    • Will enhance your particle mix
    • Brings out the natural Salts & Sugars in your particle mix