Shelf Life Particles

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    Shelf-Life Hemp n Snail Mix

    • HEMP N SNAIL MIX – Hemp, Chopped Meaty Snail, Crushed Snail Shell
    • Hand Prepared in the UK
    • Highly successful catch rate all year round
    • There are matching hookbaits available in our super naturals range
    • Upto 6 months Shelf Life (unopened)
    • Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight

    Unlike our competitors we do not use any Chemical Food Preservatives & use our unique 100% natural water based special solution. This is 100% safe for the Carp and ensures the smell & taste of these particles is 100% natural to the Carp giving you that edge as the Carp are far more switched on to these natural flavours. The natural additives in the solution adds yet a further attractor for the Carp.


    Please Note: Each bucket contains 2.5kg of Hemp, a pouch of Dried Chopped Meaty Snail, Crushed Snail Shell & our Natural preservative solution. Total bucket weight 4.5 – 5kg.

    The Dried Chopped Snail & Crushed Snail Shell will be in separate pouches in the top of the bucket. We recommend adding these ingredients to your bucket around an hour before use. This will re-hydrate the Snail Meat and will triple its weight.


    Alot of Shelf-life particles are sold in Jars. Our buckets contain the equivalent content of particle to fill a 4L jar on average making our products extremely good value with the bonus of a reusable bucket!!!

    Please Note: 10kg options are 4x buckets as above – Total Weight is 18-20kg