Carp Particle Baits

Carp Particles UK proudly produces only 100% natural products, meaning that unlike our competitors no chemical food preservatives are used in any of the products. This in turn has two main benefits;

1) Carp are far more switched on to our particles as they smell and taste 100% natural.

2) At Carp Particles UK we think that preserving the water ways and protecting the fish from harm is essential. Therefore, the usage of natural products will have no adverse impact on the environment which is key.

Choose either;

Shelf-Life Particles: The Shelf-Life Particle range is Carp Particles UK’s range of naturally preserved particle mixes. These mixes come ready to use and take little or no preparation depending on how you like to use your particle. The range of shelf-life particle is 100% natural, chemical free and cooked in filtered water.

Classic Particles: All classics sold in single particle form so you can use singularly or create your own custom mixes. All supplied Fresh in 5kg sealed bags.

Specialist Fresh Particles: A selection of both classic mixes as well as our own unique quality mixes offering fantastic catch rates in a range of circumstances. All supplied Fresh in 5kg sealed bags.