About Us

Carp Particles UK is not just any bait company; it is an ever growing and developing company striving to assist like-minded Anglers achieve their ‘perfect catch’.  Our products have been developed by anglers for anglers and are designed to be transferable for use in various types of fishing.

In February 2018, Mike and Lucy Peacock Smith purchased Carp Particles UK.  Mike having been introduced to fishing at a young age has been involved in the sport ever since.  Being a strong advocate for fish safety, the purchase of Carp Particles UK was a perfect fit.

Carp Particles UK proudly produces only 100% natural products, meaning that no chemicals are used in any of the products.  At Carp Particles UK we think that preserving the waters and protecting the fish from harm is essential.  Therefore, the usage of natural products which will have no adverse impact on the environment is key.

With this ethos in mind, following the purchase of the company, a new development in the process of cooking the particle products was introduced.  All our products are soaked and cooked in filtered water – by doing so it offers a repeatable process which offers an improvement on the previously used rainwater insofar that any quality variables associated with rainwater are removed.  Any possible issues with bacteria, viruses or chemicals/products stemming from roof collection are eliminated.  This not only means that any environmental impact factors are removed but also you know that your bait has been prepared to the same exacting standards every time.  Mike understands the frustrations that some anglers experience when previously tested methods or bait are unsuccessful.  These new changes in the bait making process will help eliminate those controllable factors.

Mike and Lucy look forward to developing the particle range further and will continue to strive for excellence in the production of quality bait products.