Carp Particles UK – 100% Natural Fishing Particles

Here at Carp Particles UK we are passionate at providing you with top grade fishing bait.  Particle is a staple for many anglers, being a tried and tested method for years.  Our products are made with a variety of seeds and pulses, and are mixed with other natural products such as snails.  Whether you prefer shelf-life or fresh products there will be a mix for you.

Our products have been developed by anglers for anglers, meaning that they are designed with you in mind.  We currently have some of the UK’s finest Anglers with over 100 year’s fishing experience using our products.  Utilising their skills, we have developed what we think is the finest particle product in the country, which will result in more fish on the bank for you.  Carp Particles UK strives for excellence, producing products that our customers will find easy and effective to use, and importantly products the fish will keep coming back for!

Advocating fish safety and environment protection, Carp Particles UK pride themselves on producing 100% natural particles which contain no added chemicals.  You can be confident that your chosen particle baits will have no lasting or detrimental effects to the water ways.

All Carp Particles UK speciality baits are prepared in water from a high quality multi function filtration system to ensure that only the natural smells and tastes of products are realised at the time of manufacture.

The use of this four stage system ensures both a regular and repeatable process and is an improvement on the use of rainwater insofar as the quality variables  associated with the use of rainwater are  eliminated. There are no problems with bacteria, viruses or protozoa stemming from roof collection. Also chemical and sediment pollutants are reduced or eliminated and Volatile Organic Compounds can be removed.

Once again Carp Particles UK is leading the way in using the best quality ingredients throughout the manufacturing cycle.