Who We Are?

Welcome to CarpParticles! This is not just any bait company, you are now part of a ever growing family of like minded anglers who strive to achieve their dreams of catching their perfect quarry. Our products are made by carp anglers for carp anglers, we listen to what you have to say to ensure we have the best bait for all of our "carpy" brothers and sisters.... Welcome to the CarpParticles family .... enjoy

During testing our natural bait came out on top every time and when some tests were done the fish actually treated the tap water cooked particle as a no go area and kept away for several days. We currently have some of the UKs finest carp anglers with over a 100 years of experience between us, we have used this to our advantage by developing the finest particles in the country which will have the carp grubbing around your swim for days on end resulting in you putting more carp on the bank.

CarpParticles are the first company to use only natural rain water to cook and prepare our products. We are one of a very small amount of companies that can genuinely claim to be 100% natural with zero preservatives and no chemicals.